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About us

Grandeur Travel offers international cruise holiday packages, land based holidays, and assistance with corporate travel and incentives, local flights, cruises, hotels, tours.

We pride ourselves in providing a personalised service to each individual client. Where competitors may stick to your day to day travel, Grandeur Travel wants to transform the way in which holidays are planned or the way corporate companies arrange their next corporate travel. 

We aim to be flexible adding a little more to every experience and building closer customer relations. Grandeur Travel does not only wish to be your Tour Operator but wants to build a long standing relationship with you.

We commit to

 Provide the best possible price A mutual trust with our suppliers ensures that Grandeur Travel is always at the top of their game. We aim to provide packages that meet your needs according to your budget, thus ensuring value for money.

 Short flight stop overs Your flight forms an integral part of your holiday – it does not mean that it should be complicated. We will assist you efficiently so that your stop overs do not last longer than your intended holiday. Where required, we will provide you with essential information about your itinerary to ensure that your valuable time is not wasted.

 Good rates Travelling is not just about you spending money– where applicable, we in conjunction with our suppliers, will provide you with discounted rates. We will go the extra mile to source them for you, our valued client.

 Opportunities to deviate from advertised packages Grandeur Travel wants you to experience the world and therefore we are flexible and will adjust advertised packages in line with the terms and conditions as set out by our suppliers upon request.

 Value for money At Grandeur Travel, we understand that your expectations are high and we will strive to provide a service worthy of your money spent with us in order to gain your continued patronage.

 Customer service available for in resort clients In the event of unforeseen circumstances, we have a competent customer service team on hand to cater to any of your needs 24/7.

It’s official! Your dream holiday is about to start……

Grandeur Travel’s After Sales team, consisting of skilled consultants, with extensive knowledge will gladly assist you. Our team is available at the touch of a button and can be reached telephonically or via e-mail. This is our way of personalising Tour Operating and giving you, our client, peace of mind.

Through our suppliers an extensive group of hotels are able to offer you lodging to fit your pocket, from self-catering to the most exclusive hotels. Our suppliers provide us with updated reviews and good hotel rates thus ensuring that we offer what you require.

Our Transfer suppliers are of the best in the world, catering for group or private travel. From a standard vehicle to a limousine, adding that little Grandeur touch, we are at your service. All transfers are available from airport to hotel, to port, and anywhere in between.

Grandeur Travel has a dedicated team who is assigned to assist with any and all group travel arrangements for our clients. We have an extensive knowledge of all aspects of corporate & group travel. Our in-depth understanding of what corporate companies may need, makes it easier for us to provide a professional service. From booking a last minute flight, to booking a group for international travel, no request has ever been too big for Grandeur Travel. Our skilled and experienced consultants go the extra mile, whether it is a big or small company. We cover all areas of local and international travel- whether it’s a group for international cruise, or a land based holiday, we are always at your service. Perhaps our greatest service thus far has been our in resort consultant for international group travellers to be at your service at all times. Our world class service, the high level of professionalism and think “outside of the box” approach and attention to detail are one of the reasons we are a preferred travel company.

Local and international tours are available. Whether you want to book a day tour and visit the winelands, or abroad visit the Great Wall of China, or a day tour in Washington DC, we will be able to assist you. Daily boat trips or hop on services are readily available.

Grandeur Travel offers a variety of tailored made cruise packages – which consists of the best cruise itineraries available. All over the world including local MSC cruises. We have negotiated rates with the suppliers for both groups and individuals. We pride ourselves that we are a business with vast knowledge of the cruise industry. Our packages are designed based on personal experience of cruising around the world.