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Grandeur Travel offers international cruise holiday packages, land based holidays, and assistance with corporate travel and incentives, local flights, cruises, hotels, tours.
We pride ourselves in providing a personalised service to each individual client. Where competitors may stick to your day to day travel, Grandeur Travel wants to transform the way in which holidays are planned or the way corporate companies arrange their next corporate travel.

Grandeur Travel is a 100% BBBEE Company. Providing personalised services and value for money unique to each individual. We aim to provide an exceptional service to corporate companies, assisting you with planning and initiating your business travel.

Who We Are

We have a team of well-travelled professionals and together we strive to change the travel industry. Our services are open to all who are planning to travel or have land based holidays.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Grandeur Travel aims to provide a quality service to all. Whether you wish to travel by sea or enjoy a land based holiday, we aim to provide a unique travel experience to everyone.

Our Vision

The Travel Industry changes daily and with these changes comes innovative ways of living and enjoying travel. Grandeur Travel aims to be at the forefront of these changes and keep pace with the ever changing landscape of the travel industry.

Our Mission

Grandeur Travel wants to break barriers by 2020. Through our services provided, we wish to take your hand and accompany you on your journeys all over the world. Where to many value for money is but a phrase, we will make it your reality.